What Time Does Arbys Open for Lunch?: Quick Guide

Arby’s typically opens for lunch at 10:00 AM. This schedule can vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with your local restaurant.

Arby’s, the fast-food chain known for its roast beef sandwiches, sliders, and curly fries, has established itself as a go-to spot for lunchtime cravings. The franchise operates over 3,300 restaurants worldwide, offering a menu that appeals to a variety of tastes beyond its signature roast beef, including turkey, chicken, and brisket options.

Ideal for those in a hurry or seeking a satisfying midday meal, Arby’s strives to accommodate its customer’s schedules by opening just in time for the lunch rush. Remember to verify the hours of your nearest Arby’s to ensure you can enjoy their hearty sandwiches and famous sides without any inconvenience.

What Time Does Arbys Open for Lunch?: Quick Guide

Introduction To Arby’s Lunch Hours

Arby’s launches its lunch menu at a time many of us feel those midday hunger pangs. Lunch hours are crucial because they fit into the busy schedules of students, workers, and families. Most Arby’s restaurants start serving lunch right at 10 am. This means you can enjoy their delicious sandwiches and curly fries before noon!

Understanding these timings ensures you never miss out on your favorite meals. You can plan your day around Arby’s lunch, whether it’s for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. So remember, for those who crave their roast beef or Market Fresh sandwiches, Arby’s is ready to serve you starting in the late morning. Don’t miss out on their signature sauces—they’re a lunchtime highlight!

What Time Does Arbys Open for Lunch?: Quick Guide

Arby’s Opening Times

Arby’s opening times differ from place to place. Most Arby’s restaurants start serving lunch right at 10 AM. Yet, some might open later, especially in malls or airports. To get the most accurate time, use Arby’s store locator.

Enter your city or zip code on the Arby’s website. It will show you the nearest location’s lunch hours. You can also see the location on a map and get driving directions. Make sure to check for any holiday hours.

Lunch Menu Highlights

Arby’s serves lunch starting at 10 am every day. Guests can enjoy a variety of signature sandwiches, including the classic Beef ‘n Cheddar and the Smokehouse Brisket. These mouth-watering options are made with freshly sliced meats and quality ingredients.

For those seeking healthy options, Arby’s offers a Market Fresh line. It features salads and wraps with lean meats and fresh veggies. Guests can choose the Farmhouse Turkey Salad for a light and nutritious meal. Arby’s ensures there’s something delicious for every appetite.

Signature Sandwich Key Ingredients
Beef ‘n Cheddar Roast beef, cheddar cheese sauce, red ranch
Smokehouse Brisket Smoked brisket, BBQ sauce, crispy onions
Farmhouse Turkey Salad Turkey, mixed greens, cheddar cheese
What Time Does Arbys Open for Lunch?: Quick Guide

Navigating Peak Lunch Hours

Arby’s lunch hours usually start at 10 AM across most locations. By planning your visit around off-peak times, such as mid-afternoon, you can enjoy a quieter dining experience. Considering the busy lunch rush typically occurs between 12 PM and 2 PM, it’s smart to avoid these hours. Arriving right before or after the common lunchtime helps in evading long lines and wait times.

For those who enjoy a peaceful meal, or need a quick service, Arby’s typically sees a slower pace between 2 PM and 5 PM. This time frame can offer a more relaxed atmosphere prior to the dinner rush.

Special Lunch Deals And Offers

Arby’s is always cooking up exciting seasonal promotions for its customers. Keep your eyes peeled for limited-time offers that tantalize your taste buds. Special lunch deals often pop up during holidays and change of seasons. Check the Arby’s app or sign up for their emails to get the scoop!

Don’t miss out on the Arby’s VIP and loyalty program. It’s packed with perks and rewards. As a member, you’ll snag exclusive discounts, birthday treats, and maybe even a surprise free lunch. Remember to scan your card or app every visit to score points towards delicious freebies.

Tips For An Enjoyable Lunch At Arby’s

To enjoy a great lunch at Arby’s, place your order with efficiency. Check the menu online before you visit, so you know what’s available. Consider downloading the Arby’s app, which allows for quick ordering and even access to exclusive deals. If you prefer dining in, choose off-peak hours for a more relaxed meal. For takeout, call ahead or use the app to minimize waiting time. Always check for the day’s specials or limited-time offers for a delightful lunch experience.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Time Does Arbys Open For Lunch

What Are Arby’s Lunch Hours?

Arby’s typically begins serving lunch at 10:00 AM daily. However, this can vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Arby’s for their exact schedule.

Can I Get Arby’s Breakfast Items During Lunch?

Arby’s generally serves breakfast during morning hours only. By lunchtime, the menu switches to lunch and dinner options exclusively.

Are Arby’s Lunch Menus Available On Weekends?

Yes, Arby’s lunch menu is available on weekends, usually starting at the same time as weekdays, at 10:00 AM.

Does Arby’s Offer Any Lunch Specials?

Arby’s often has limited-time offers and specials during lunch hours. Visit their website or your nearest location for the latest deals.


Wrapping up, most Arby’s locations open their doors for lunch at 10 am. Remember, times can vary, so check your local store. Ready for a delicious roast beef sandwich or a Market Fresh Wrap? Head to Arby’s for an early lunch fix and satisfy those midday cravings in savory style!


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