How Much is Shoney’s Lunch Buffet: Savor the Value!

As of my last update in 2023, Shoney’s lunch buffet typically costs around $8 to $15. Prices can vary by location and time.

Shoney’s has been a beloved American family restaurant chain for decades. Known for its wide variety of American comfort foods, the lunch buffet offers diners an opportunity to savor multiple dishes at a reasonable price. It’s a great place for those who love endless choices, from fresh salads and soups to fried chicken and dessert options.

The cost-effectiveness makes Shoney’s an appealing option for families, large groups, and individuals looking for a satisfying midday meal. Remember, the exact price of the buffet may differ based on the region and the specific deals available at that time, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Shoney’s for the most current pricing information.

How Much is Shoney's Lunch Buffet: Savor the Value!


Satisfy Your Hunger At Shoney’s

Shoney’s lunch buffet offers a wide variety of delicious options. Adults typically pay $8 to $15. Prices vary by location and time. Kids can enjoy for less than $6, making it a family-friendly choice. Remember, drinks may be extra.

The spread includes soups, salads, and entree selections. The salad bar is fresh and fully stocked. Diners eagerly fill their plates with hearty comfort food. The options range from healthy to indulgent.

Weekends may feature special items at a slightly higher price point. For exact pricing, contact your local Shoney’s directly or visit their website.

How Much is Shoney's Lunch Buffet: Savor the Value!


Shoney’s Buffet Pricing: A Delicious Deal

Shoney’s buffet pricing offers value for every diner. The lunch buffet cost varies by location. Generally, you can enjoy a plethora of dishes at affordable prices. On weekdays, prices are usually lower, perfect for budget-friendly meals. Weekends might have a slight price increase.

Seeking extra savings? Shoney’s provides special discounts and promotions. Children often eat at reduced rates or even free on select days. Seniors appreciate their exclusive discount too. Always check local Shoney’s for the latest offers. Be sure not to miss their seasonal deals and combo specials!

Table representation of potential discounts could be as follows:
Discount Type Details
Kids’ Special Children under 4 eat free
Senior Discount Seniors receive 10% off
Weekday Deals Lower prices Mon-Fri

Exploring Shoney’s Lunch Buffet Menu

Shoney’s Lunch Buffet offers a vast array of choices. Guests enjoy fresh salads and mouth-watering desserts every day. The menu boasts featured favorites alongside exciting new additions. Families love the variety and taste sensations. Prices may vary, but you’re promised a fulfilling meal that’s worth every penny. The buffet is a blend of traditional dishes and modern takes. The lunch spread caters to all taste buds, ensuring a perfect meal for anyone.

Be sure to sample the signature fried chicken. Don’t miss the seasonal specialties that add extra flair. Treat yourself to the delicious desserts. Everyone leaves Shoney’s with a smile and a satisfied appetite. No matter the choices, the buffet stands as a culinary delight for lunch seekers.

How Much is Shoney's Lunch Buffet: Savor the Value!


Why Diners Love Shoney’s Buffet

Shoney’s buffet offers diners a wide selection of delicious foods. Comfort dishes line the counters, drawing crowds with their home-cooked appeal. Guests can indulge in Southern favorites and desserts that remind them of family gatherings.

With options to satisfy any craving, the buffet is a feast for the senses. A diverse mix of fresh salads, juicy meats, and decadent sweets fills plates and hearts. The familiar taste of golden fried chicken, rich mac and cheese, and fluffy mashed potatoes creates a truly comforting dining experience. The buffet’s affordable price adds to its charm, making it a beloved destination.

Maximizing Your Buffet Experience

To maximize your buffet experience at Shoney’s, consider these essential tips. Time your visit to enjoy fresh offerings; early lunch hours often bring out the best selection. Eat slowly and savor each bite; this helps you appreciate the flavors and prevents overeating. Don’t miss signature dishes, such as fried chicken or the salad bar, recognized for their tasty reputation. Prioritize what you love the most and try new items too; balance is key.

Combining quality and quantity can be challenging, but focus on well-prepared dishes over sheer volume. To ensure a fulfilling visit, keep portions small and diverse. This approach allows you to taste a variety of foods without feeling stuffed. Remember, the buffet is about your own personal enjoyment and culinary adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Is Shoney’s Lunch Buffet

Is Big Boy Same As Shoney’s?

Big Boy and Shoney’s were originally part of the same company but became separate entities following a 1984 division.

Is Shoney’s Still Around?

Yes, Shoney’s is operational with various locations across the United States. The chain continues to serve its signature diner-style meals.

What’s The Current Price For Shoney’s Lunch Buffet?

The price for Shoney’s lunch buffet can vary by location, but it typically ranges from $8 to $12. For the most accurate pricing, contact your local Shoney’s restaurant directly or check their online menu.

Does Shoney’s Lunch Buffet Have A Senior Discount?

Yes, Shoney’s offers a senior discount for the lunch buffet at many of its locations. Seniors can enjoy a reduced price, typically around 10% off. It’s advisable to inquire directly at the restaurant for specific details.


Wrapping up our feast of facts, the cost of Shoney’s lunch buffet offers value packed with flavorful variety. Perfect for family outings or solo adventures, your appetite and budget can find harmony. Remember, prices may vary, so check your local Shoney’s for the latest deal.

Savor the comfort food buffet that won’t break the bank!

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