Carls Jr Breakfast Time: Satisfy Morning Cravings!

Carl’s Jr. Serves breakfast from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM daily.

Times may vary by location, so check with your local restaurant. Craving a hearty morning meal? Carl’s Jr. Has you covered with its array of breakfast options available every day. Their breakfast menu, including favorites such as the Made from Scratch Biscuits, tempting breakfast burritos, and savory sausage and egg sandwiches, caters to all kinds of morning appetites.

Whether you’re an early bird or someone who hits the snooze button, the Carl’s Jr. Breakfast hours accommodate most schedules. Remember that breakfast times can differ, so it’s a good idea to verify with your nearest Carl’s Jr. Outlet before heading out. Start your day right with Carl’s Jr. ‘s delicious breakfast offerings, designed to fuel your busy mornings.

Carls Jr Breakfast Time: Satisfy Morning Cravings!


Carls Jr Breakfast Essentials

Carls Jr breakfast stands out for its unique flavors and hearty options. Signature burgers and biscuits dominate the menu, crafted with premium-quality ingredients.

Fans rave about the Loaded Omelette Biscuit and the Monster Biscuit, both packed with eggs, meats, and cheese.

Ingredient Item
Fresh Eggs Omelettes, Biscuits
Sausage Burritos, Biscuits
Cheese Biscuits, Breakfast Sandwiches
Bacon Burgers, Biscuits

Each dish uses fresh ingredients to ensure a delicious start to your day. The hand-scooped ice cream shakes even make a sweet morning treat.

Carls Jr Breakfast Time: Satisfy Morning Cravings!


Menu Highlights

Carls Jr Breakfast Time tempts with an array of tasty options. Fan Favorites like the Famous Star with cheese and Monster Biscuits stand out for quick, delicious starts. Healthy Alternatives also shine, featuring items like the low-carb Charbroiled Chicken Salad for mindful eating. Seasonal Specialties bring unique flavors that change with the seasons, ensuring a fresh experience every visit.

Nutritional Values

Kicking off your day with a nutritious breakfast is essential. Carls Jr offers options rich in protein and fiber. Their breakfast menu varies in calorie counts.

Smart choices can help manage weight and energy. Look for items with a good balance of macros.

Menu Item Calories Protein Carbs Fats
Egg and Cheese Biscuit 430 19g 34g 25g
Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich 430 16g 52g 17g
Monster Biscuit 700 25g 38g 48g

Select items with a mix of protein, carbs, and fats. It fuels your body and brain. Check Carls Jr‘s menu for a nutritious start.

Timing Is Everything

Carls Jr serves breakfast every morning. The breakfast hours generally start at 6:00 AM and go until 10:30 AM. Guests should remember that these times can vary by location. For the most accurate hours, calling your local restaurant is wise. Planning to grab a bit? The best times are often early mornings on weekdays. Weekends get busy with families and late risers. Early birds will enjoy a calmer dining experience and shorter lines. Check out your nearest Carls Jr for a tasty start to the day!

Satisfying Morning Cravings

Carls Jr Breakfast Time caters to all morning moods and hunger levels. Combos for the Big Appetite feature hearty options like Loaded Breakfast Burritos and Monster Biscuits. Each combo includes golden hash browns and hot coffee. Perfect for fueling up those who need a substantial start to their day.

For those in a rush, Quick Bites for Rushed Mornings offers tasty, manageable eats. Choose a Sausage & Egg Biscuit or a Chicken Fillet Sandwich. Each is easy to eat on the go. These options save time without skimping on flavor.

Beyond The Breakfast Menu

Early risers often crave more than traditional breakfast fare. Carl’s Jr., known for its bold flavors, doesn’t disappoint with its breakfast-to-lunch crossover offerings. Fans of heartier meals can indulge in lunch-time burgers and crispy chicken sandwiches during breakfast hours.

Customization is key at Carl’s Jr. Whether you desire extra cheese or no tomatoes, the choice is yours. Create the perfect morning meal to kickstart your day, choosing from a wide array of fresh ingredients and signature sauces.

Item Customization Options
Famous Star® with Cheese Extra cheese, No onions, Add Bacon
Hand-Breaded Chicken Fillet Spicy Mayo, No pickles, Extra Tomato
Carls Jr Breakfast Time: Satisfy Morning Cravings!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Carls Jr Breakfast Time

What Time Does Carl’s Jr Stop Serving Breakfast Near Me?

Carl’s Jr typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM. However, times may vary by location, so check with your local restaurant for specific hours.

What Time Does Burger King Stop Serving Breakfast?

Burger King typically stops serving breakfast at 10:30 AM. The schedule may vary by location, so verify with your local restaurant.

How Many Calories Is A Breakfast Burger?

The calorie content of a breakfast burger can vary, but on average it contains around 500 to 800 calories.

What Time Does Carl’s Jr Serve Breakfast?

Carl’s Jr typically starts serving breakfast at 6:00 AM. The exact time may vary slightly by location.


Wrapping up, Carl’s Jr knows how to kickstart your day with a satisfying breakfast. Whether you’re craving a hearty burger or a lighter, wholesome option, their menu has something for everyone. Remember to check their breakfast hours to indulge in these delicious morning treats.

Enjoy every bite at Carls Jr and energize your day the right way!

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